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Company Name: HuQuo
City: Gurgaon
State: Haryana(India)
Address: HUQUO CONSULTING PVT. LTD. 3rd Floor , B- Block, Times Square Building, Sushant Lok - I, Gurgaon - 122002
Industry Sector: HR
Year of Establishment: 2015


HuQuo is an HR Analytics and Consulting organization to provide path-breaking HR services by deeply understanding the human quotient of organizations we work with, and to evolve the industry and make it future ready through HR Analytics.
HuQuo (derived from Human Quotient) is the next stage in the evolution of HR. In an industry thirsty for innovation, HuQuo is a fresh perspective towards people and organisations. At HUQUO, we do not look at human beings as mere resources, but as an ocean of untapped potential.
Human Quotient goes beyond IQ and EQ. It’s the holistic representation of all human potential. We strategically manage this Human Quotient.
We believe that every organisation has a human like individuality which can help nurture and flourish those individuals that resonate with it. Our endeavor is to bring such high resonance individuals and organisations together. We will achieve this through extensive use of analytics and deep immersion to understand the core of the organisations and people we work with.
HuQuo Jobs
» h.Net Developer - Asp/mvc/sql Server
» DotNet Product Developer - .net/asp/sql
HuQuo Jobs
» h.Net Developer - Asp/mvc/sql Server
» DotNet Product Developer - .net/asp/sql

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