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Company Name: Saleszip Marketing Private Limited
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra(India)
Address: Pune, Maharastra
Industry Sector: Sales and Services
Year of Establishment: 2014
Saleszip Marketing Private Limited

We have a proven track record in handling large outsourced programs and operations for our Clients, delivering service excellence as well as cost control through managing for economies of scale. However, we never forget our roots and the old saying ‘from little acorns big oak trees grow’ so we have consciously retained the tight management focus and operational capability to provide the ideal environment for projects requiring small teams, bespoke solutions or hot-housing for test activity. At Sales Zip we never forget that our Clients’ have different needs so you can rest assured you won’t be battling a ‘one size’ fits all culture.

We operate on a 24/7 basis our international operation allow us to service our Blue Chip clients around the Globe. Over recent years Sales Zip has developed an in house team to provide and manage digital marketing services that seamlessly integrates with all our services enabling us to offer a multi-channel approach to our clients.


SalesZip has a new concept in the industry (Sales as a Service) which helps companies reach out their future customers today.
We know that our services will be able to help your team close more deals and create a strong sales pipeline for predictable revenue.We have worked with some of the top players in the tech industry.

SalesZip Marketing Pvt. Ltd,
info@SalesZip.com | Phone :- +1 650 351 7878

Saleszip Marketing Private Limited Jobs
» Senior .net Developer
Saleszip Marketing Private Limited Jobs
» Senior .net Developer

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