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Undergarduate Study in University at Cambridge

If you want to apply to Cambridge, the process is much the same as that for other universities. However, at Cambridge the application process starts earlier to allow time for interviews to be organised.

You’re going to be studying the subject to a very high level for several years so make sure you choose a course you’re passionate about and will really enjoy!

Where would you like to live when you're here? You can either choose a College or make an open application.

Submit your UCAS application online¹ by 15 October² - our institution code is CAM C05.
Submit your Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) - a few extra questions requesting information not included in your UCAS application which we find helpful.

Everyone with a realistic chance of being offered a place is invited to attend an interview. That's over 80 per cent of applicants each year.

We'll advise you of our decision before the end of January. If you're offered a place, you'll be informed by the College and through UCAS - you must reply, observing UCAS requirements and deadlines.

You'll also need to submit an additional application if you're applying from outside the EU, applying for the Graduate Course in Medicine, and/or applying for an Organ Scholarship at the time of application.

 Other application deadlines apply for those wishing to be interviewed in particular overseas countries, and for some mature applicants.

Information used to assess applications
There's no blueprint for an ideal Cambridge student and we want to give applicants as many opportunities as possible to demonstrate their strengths and potential. Therefore, each applicant is considered individually, using all of the following information:

    academic record
    school/college reference
    personal statement
    any written work submitted (or done at interview)
    performance in any tests required
    contextual data
    performance at interview (if interviewed)

Further information can be found in our Admissions Policy. If your education has been significantly disrupted or disadvantaged, it may be appropriate for your school/college to complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form.

If you're considering applying to Cambridge, we encourage you to try to visit the University at some point so you can see for yourself what it may be like to study here. There are more than 180 open days and events in Cambridge and across the UK each year for you to choose from - details can be found on the Open Days and Events page.

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