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E4 Software Services Private limited

Company Name: E4 Software Services Private limited
City: Mumbai
State: Maharashtra(India)
Address: 402, Neo Corporate Plaza, RamChandra Lane ext., Kachpada, Malad (W), Mumbai 400064, India.
Industry Sector: IT
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402, Neo Corporate Plaza,
RamChandra Lane ext., Kachpada,
Year of Establishment:

E4 Software Services Private limited

E4 Software specializes in BI and Analytics staffing requirements of customers across country. Our focus is on providing you with full support required time to time for hiring best talent. We have processes in place to identify best talent in market and support our clients in hiring them. .


Our Team

Our core management team comprises of motivated and experienced professionals having vast experience, impeccable track record and hands on experience in the IT industry. Each member of our team is chosen after due diligence making sure that we hire best of minds that have a synergic relation with our core principles of offering the best talent to our clients. Not only is our management and developmental team experienced, we make sure that they are in tune and enriched with the latest developments in the industry.

Why e4?

E4 Software is determined to provide preliminary competency tests and skill analysis to every recruits with various specifics on Big Data developers, BI / Analytics related positions and as per the requirement of companies. As an IT staffing agency, E4 Software has varieties of prospects aligned for the right firm and candidate, well staged from short assignment to full time employment.

Established with domain expertise in combining Information Technology staffing along with a vision to provide consultancy to clients, E4 Software has staged a strong business sense with resource flexibility and a combination of domain expertise on offshore cost lead.

As a quality-practicing firm on staffing and consultancy, E4 Software ensures the firms are offered the right candidate with the expertise and employment etiquette.


We do recruitment only for BI/DWH/Analytics & Big data requirements. This focused approach helps us give you the best value for your recruitment needs.

We help you in :

  • Defining Job Descriptions
  • Hiring for BI positions across multiple roles (Developers, Architect, Manager, Business Analyst, DBA etc)
  • Hiring for multiple tools/technologies
  • Doing CV shortlisting and first round of interviews
  • Other recruitment and on-boarding processes
  • We can work on Contingent or Retained based assignments as per your requirements

You can gain access to our vast pool of experienced professionals for:

  • Permanent Positions
    We can carry out hiring process for your permanent staff needs.
  • Temporary Staff
    You can hire temporary staff from us for your short term project needs. This will enable you to optimize your resource costs.


Candidates are rightly provided with an extensive level understanding on the available firms for employment. E4 Software’s job is to ensure that there is a prioritized reach out of business firms to the right candidate thus being of full assistance to the candidate. E4 Software has regularized level of employment assignments for both “full time” and “contract based” employment.

Register yourself to find new roles
E4 placement database enables a wider scope to candidates for their specialized skills and knowledge. Candidates can choose their preferred employer from various companies for positions associated to BI/ Data analytics and other Information Technology related posts.

E4 Software specializes in

  1. Right placement: We are not just a staffing firm, but are based with establishing a stable employment – candidate relationship. Job seekers and potential employers are guided with fitting solutions to their search.
  2. Temporary placement: Assignments and contract based employment for candidates and employers who are in requirement of temporary placements. This allows the firm to fit in the situations that involve skill shortages, assignments and special projects and other seasonal work procedures. E4 Software make sure a right candidate is positioned in a right project.
  3. Permanent staffing: With compliance and proficiency check, the client is assigned to long-term recruits that allow them with related working on permanent assignments. E4 Software guarantees both candidates and employers are benefitted with the staffing.

E4 Software Assistances

  1. Hiring on various positions compliant to multiple roles and platforms (Big Data, BI / Analytics, Developers, etc).
  2. Right description of employment.
  3. Multiple placements (Contract / Permanent).
  4. CV screening, short-listing and arranging primary level interviews.
  5. Commanding a cost – benefitting procedure and right resource.

E4 Benefits

  1. Cost benefit:
    E4 Software enables remarkable cost saving method. It relieves the client to benefit with cost – cutting in preliminary testing and screening.
  2. Expertise:
    E4 Software qualifies in providing supervised staffing with trending IT domain knowledge and expertise with the right set of candidates.
  3. Retention & Network:
    Identifying it as among the reliable methods to maintain relationship with client and to maintain a responsible relationship with the candidates, E4 Software works on to identify the right and dependable resource. E4 Software offers qualified work habits and top performance to help firms retain their resource and observe the opportunity as a good fit.
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