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Career - Engineering in Computer Science

Career in IT (Information Technology) or Computer Science is considered one of the most high-paying jobs and is full of many opportunities; particularly when India’s proficiency in information technology (IT) industry is recognized across the world. The collection of well talented computer engineers working in IT industry of the Canada and USA shows that IT can take a candidate to higher levels. Many IT companies from India employ vast number of computer professionals or experts in their Indian and abroad offices.

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application) /MCA (Master in Computer Application) can become an IT engineer. Minimum qualification requires +2 with mathematics to pursue B.Tech or BCA. Instead of mathematics too can do a variety of short term certification and diploma courses in diverse small packages. However, there is a strict selection process at place for computer engineers wherein admission to the BE Bachelor of Engineering)/ B.Tech courses is particularly competitive. An internship program at Various IT industry would acquire practical knowledge and employability and it is a necessity and can be either after or during the course/degree.
Candidates eager to make career in computer engineering should have sound grasp over mathematics and science to clear entrance exam conducted soon after +2. Advanced knowledge of physics and chemistry would assist the candidates get through the entrance exam conducted by several engineering colleges in India. Candidates who desire to do BE / B.Tech in Computer Engineering must have +2 or equivalent examination, with Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Similarly, those who desire to do Diploma in Computer Engineering must have passed + 2 with Science Subjects. Candidates may opt for M.E (Master in Engineering) / M. Tech in Computer Science for additional specialization in Computer Science.

Is it the right career for me
Depending upon the interest the career in IT can be selected. Those who prefer language programming and coding can do software engineering and those who love networking and system administration, can do hardware engineering. IT field is quite wide in terms of employment and job opportunities. Roles are variety for Computer engineers in IT sector, but their primary role is to have the knowledge of science and mathematics to design and develop software to be used by customers or users. There are network engineers, system management experts besides the computer engineers. Computer software engineers have brilliant future prospects as the application of software and dependency on it in various walks of life are raising.
What will be the cost- Fees of Computer Science & (IT) Information Technology Engineering?
Cost chargers of Studying Information Technology (IT) are a lot in private engineering colleges. However, government hold engineering colleges fee charge comparatively less. IITs charge Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs 2,70,000, but the fee depends  upon the status of engineering college and fame. On the other hand diploma programs cost low and a diploma in computer application can be completed at Rs. 50,000.

Numerous scholarships are available for computer science candidates. One such scholarship is the Paul Foundation Scholarships and NTPC Scholarship for Handicapped Engineering Students is provided to study B.Tech and M.Tech in computer science. Students with outstanding academic qualification are eligible for it. Candidates willing to do research in computer science can also apply for the Young Engineering Fellowship Program which is offered to candidates of B.Tech who are willing to do summer projects sponsored by the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Students in 3 year of any type of engineering degree are valid for it.
Job Prospects
Booming IT sector in India has plenty of job opportunities for freshers in computer science graduates. Students from top rank engineering colleges however get attractive job offers from MNC (Multi National Company) IT companies in contrast to not so known engineering colleges. Additionally, students with high percentage (%) of mark and good communication skills as well as sound computer knowledge do not face difficulty in getting a job whether they are from a reputed engineering college or not. Computer engineers can acquire jobs in non-IT companies like universities, private and public industries, research, government departments, manufacturing sector, commercial organizations and business organizations etc.
In addition the Computer Engineers have numerous options to work in IT companies in departments such as design, manufacture and maintenance, development, assembly etc. Working as web developer, programmer and E- commerce specialist with automotive companies, telecommunications companies, aerospace companies etc. can be a worthwhile career option as well. Moreover, plenty of national and multi-national computer manufacturing companies, software development companies, computer networking companies, computer hardware system design and development companies, etc. need computer professionals in large numbers.

Salary Package
It is the attraction of higher pay package in IT sector which advises youngsters to choose for a course in computer science. In contrast to other sector, computer science graduates get higher salaries from Rs.15,000 – 25,000 in the starting. After gaining 2 years of work experience, they can get a salary of Rs. 40,000. Candidates who get opportunities to work in abroad project get several benefits and plus incentives which may even go to six figures or Lakhs. However, the salary package depends a lot upon some issues such as the state of the industry, qualifications, work experience, and ability of the student etc. amongst others. Computer Science graduates who are in teaching can get a salary of Rs. 20,000 plus allowances and other benefits.

Demand and Supply
True to its universal reputation, the Indian IT sector has plenty of scope in terms of growth in employment opportunities. A vast requirement of trained IT engineers is estimated in next couple of years. While according to NASSCOM, the Indian IT exports are expected to develop tune of US$ 175 billion by 2020 and the domestic sector will account for US$ 50 billion in conditions of earnings. Similarly, a huge quantum of revenue is expected from the export and domestic IT sector which would be worth US$ 225 billion.

Market Watch
Broaden scope for computer science professionals can be predicted from the fact that after the recession is over, new job opportunities would come in large numbers in IT sector. Besides, with low service cost Indian IT companies have influence over IT companies in the USA, Australia, and Canada. The low cost Indian IT service attract lot more business even during recession as companies in developed nations try to decrease their production cost and outsource their IT work to Indian IT companies.

International Focus
IT sector can truly be measured a global career in terms of its broad scope for professionals/experts. India has been one of the leading exporters of IT talent and Indian computer engineers have played most important role in the growth and development of IT sector in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. Numerous job opportunities are waiting for Indian computer professionals in these countries. Some new opportunities too are being opened for Indian computer professionals in Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore etc. Thanks to global requirement for IT services, which is around USD $70 trillion for many new international careers are opened up for computer professionals.

Despite the fact that recent recession illustrates the worse days for computer engineers, a great expect still persists for Indian computer science professionals for the cause that India has potential to present IT services at the fraction of the cost of the USA software developing companies. India has benefit in terms of IT professionals as it creates more in numbers than Western countries therefore, the demand of IT can be filled only with Indian professionals who are par excellence vis-a-vis computer professionals of the West. Indian IT companies such as Wipro, Dell, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Patni etc. have been able to get gains even during the recession and have appoint a number of computer professionals.

Different Roles, Different Names of Computer Science Engineering
• Software Developers: These professionals who are concerned with facets of the software development practice which includes activities such as design and coding, project management, computer programming etc.
• Hardware Engineers: These professionals do design research, develop, test, and supervise the installation of computer hardware which inter alia contains computer keyboards, chips, printer, circuit, modems, boards, systems and other equipments.
• System Designer: These Professionals involved in system designing, Physical & Logical Designing wherein logical designing can be enumerated as the structure and characteristics such as files, output,  input database and procedures, etc.
• System Analyst: Systems analyst does research about the existing problems and plan solutions for the problem. They also suggested software and system related problems and manage development between business development teams.
• Networking Engineers: These computer professionals concerned in designing, implementation, and troubleshooting of networks.
• DBA: DBA or Database Administrator is those professionals who are bestow with the job to design, maintain, implement, and repair a company’s database. DBA professionals are also known as Database Programmer or Database Coordinator in IT sector.

Institutes of Computer Science  & Information technology (IT)Engineering

In India numerous of engineering colleges offer B.Tech /BE in computer science and many of them are internationally acclaimed. Many engineering colleges are in public sector, like IITs and NITs.
•  Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Kanpur
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Bombay
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) , Delhi
• National Institute of Technology(IIT), Trichy
• Delhi College of Engineering , Delhi
• Birla Institute of Technology & Science(BITS), Pilani
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Roorkee
• IT-BHU(Banaras Hindu University)
• Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Guwahati
• College of Engg , Anna University, Guindy
• Jadavpur University , Faculty of Engg & Tech., Calcutta
• Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
• National Institute of Technology(NIT), Warangal
• (Birla Institute of Technology) BIT, Mesra

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