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Human beings have been busy in building all kinds of constructions. From huts prepared of mud to Taj Mahal, we have definitely approach a long way. As civilizations developed, it simultaneously direct to the development of bigger, superior and varied structures. From cave dwellings, people had moved on to construct houses, dams, palaces, highways, canals, and stadia. These civilian structures performed a significant role in the growth of human race and gave diverse aspects to human life as various activities develop: social, economic, political and recreational.

Amongst all branches of civil engineering, the range and students of civil engineering is the widest and the most visible. In fact, the whole infrastructural structure of a modern nation is the formation of civil engineers. The credit of construction mighty power plants, sea ports, dams, airports, inland waterways, industrial plants and highways goes to civil engineers. These professionals are also busy in building an endless array of urban structures such as commercial complexes, tunnels, skyscrapers, bridges, sports stadium roads and urban rapid transport systems and so on.

Wherever you might be, in urban or remote areas of the country you simply cannot miss the conception of civil engineers. The nature of this profile makes it an evergreen vision for career minded teenagers. There is an unending demand for this job profile both in the private as well as in government sector undertakings in our country.

If you are interested to become a civil engineer then there are two choices available. You can either go in for a degree or diploma in civil engineering. After a graduation, you can also pursue post graduation (Masters) in the subject.

You can go for a 3 year Diploma course after Class 10. For entry to a graduate program in civil engineering, you will have to qualify an entrance exam either on a national level or the state level. Your scores or marks % in +2 examinations also matters for entrance purpose. The completion period of the graduate program is 4 years.

After successful completion of this graduation degree course, you can go for a post-graduate (Masters) course if you are interested in teaching or research. Those interested in higher studies and research can apply for a doctorate program.

For a skilled civil engineer, there is no shortage of jobs, in both government sectors and private sectors.
The initial and primary thing in selecting this profession is the intrinsic interest in making something useful for the public at large. A good start to get the goal of being a civil engineer is a well education which is very essential to get into this stream. For that, you have to take up and excel in subjects like Chemistry, Maths and Physics in +2 and during graduation.

Is it the Right Career for Me
As a civil engineer field, you will have to plan out, draft or design and oversee the construction of various types of buildings. You require to good knowledge of mathematics and science. Also, you must also have good skills of supervisory and administrative.

In addition, you must be prepared to sweat it out at construction sites and even employment under stressful and hostile conditions. And if you assume that you fit the bill then civil engineering is the right choice of profession for you.

What will be the cost- Fees of Civil Engineering
A graduate course from a private college will charge you between Rs. 1,00,000 - 2,00,000, annually. However, in a reputed government college run establishment such as the IIT (Indian institute of Technology), you will have to pay an annual fee charges in the range of Rs. 15,000 - 20,000.

Colleges providing programs in civil engineering usually extend scholarships to students from socially and economically backward classes such as sc, st, obc and others. Scholarships, stipends, freeships and financial assistance are also offered to students on the basis of merit and other eligibility criteria.

Job Prospects
There is vast demand for civil engineers in India and it is also expected to obtain a boost as the country gets ready to upgrade its infrastructure with increasing political and economic clout in the world. The career in civil engineering opens a numerous opportunities in several government sectors. Civil engineers are worked in all major construction projects running by state and central government agencies.

There are similarly good opportunities in the private departments for civil engineers. A major opening for skilled civil engineers is also in armed forces where they can make very important contribution to the protection of the country and you can set up your own engineering consultancy.

Salary Package
Salary package of a civil engineer depends on a number of factors such as educational qualification, industry, type of employer, location of work and so on.

Initially monthly salary of a graduate in civil engineering could be around Rs 10,000 - Rs 15,000. With due knowledge, experience and skill, the salary increases by leaps and bounds. Professors in engineering colleges get amazing amounts as monthly salary along with other benefits of profession.

It is essential to ensure that you get a diploma or degree from a reputed college as salary will also depend on the reputation of your college.
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